Software development provides a series of steps for programmers to create computer programs. This process makes up the phases in the software development life cycle.


How Cloud Partners will deliver your software?

Needs identification

Needs identification is a market research and brainstorming stage of the process. Before a Cloud Partners (Pvt) Ltd, builds software, we will perform extensive market research to determine the product’s viability. Cloud Partners will identify the functions and services the software should provide so that its target consumers get the most out of it and find it necessary and useful. There are several ways to get this information, including feedback from potential and existing customers and surveys.

Requirement analysis

Cloud Partners and  stakeholders agree on the technical and user requirements and specifications of the proposed product to achieve its goals.


Architects and developers draw up advanced technical specifications they need to create the software to requirements. In this stage we will discuss factors such as risk levels, team composition, applicable technologies, time, budget, project limitations, method and architectural design and bring the design our clients need.

Development and implementation

We will do the code based on the product specifications and requirements agreed upon in the previous stages. Following clients procedures and guidelines, front-end developers build interfaces and back-ends while database administrators create relevant data in the database. The programmers also test and review each other’s code.


We will checks the software for bugs and verifies its performance before delivery to our clients. In this stage, expert testers verify the product’s functions to make sure it performs according to the requirements analysis document.

Deployment and maintenance

Once the software is defect-free, we will deliver it to customers. After the release of a software’s production version, Our software development team will maintenance issues clients encounter while using the product.