Work safely in the cloud with Chrome Enterprise. Google Chrome Enterprise unlocks the business capabilities of Chrome OS, Chrome Browser, and Chrome devices, freeing IT to power your cloud workforce.

Manage across platforms

Chrome Browser supports the platforms and devices you already work with.

Manage your entire Chrome deployment from one place, no matter what operating systems and devices your company relies on. Chrome Browser supports your users’ legacy business apps and a wide range of management options, including Intune, VMWare Workspace One and Group Policy.

Keep users productive

Chrome Browser provides seamless access to apps, extensions, and the web.

Your users’ favorite browser gives them their favorite tools wherever they work, on any device, helping them do their jobs better and faster with help from Google. You get total visibility into and admin control over every extension used across the enterprise.

Set policies easily

Match Chrome Browser settings to company standards with just a click.

Quickly configure Chrome Browser to your business’s current administrative system, compliance standards, and unique requirements with the simplicity of Chrome Browser Cloud Management and hundreds of group policy templates.

Safeguard the enterprise

Built-in protection in Chrome Browser defends user and company data.

From Safe Browsing and sandboxing to password alerts, policy management, and beyond, Chrome Browser provides proactive security against external threats like malware and phishing and internal worries like risky user behavior.